Big Muddy Hogs is a small family farm located in Southern Illinois.

Big Muddy Hogs pasture raised poultry

Our birds are raised using absolutely no antibiotics or added hormones ever!

The Brooder

Day old baby chicks arrive at the farm then spend the first 3 weeks here while they grow their first feathers.  Keeping the chicks warm during this time is very important to their well being.

What's a chicken tractor?

After the birds leave the brooder they are moved to the tractors.  These portable enclosures allow the chickens to be outside in the sunshine and still be protected from predators.  We move the tractors every morning to a new clean spot on pasture.  These daily moves give them access to all the bugs and grass they can consume, plus it keeps them away from manure buildup allowing them to be raised 100% antibiotic free.